A Message from our Board President

Since becoming the President of the Albany Public Library Foundation’s board of directors three years ago, I’ve been overwhelmed by your support. You understand how important the Albany Public Library is to the folks we serve.

Thanks to your support, the APL Foundation has accomplished a great deal in the past three years. We’ve underwritten the library’s Bike Repair Stations. We helped to jumpstart LibraryLink—the Bach branch’s new senior outreach and delivery program. And, we’re proud to sponsor Art@APL, a juried fine arts exhibition program at our Pine Hills Branch. The Foundation worked to get the Best Buy Community Grant to expand the APL’s partnership with Youth FX filmmaking program. And, last but not least, the APL Foundation created a signature event—Literary Legends—that shines a spotlight on our local authors.

We’ve accomplished a great deal together. Your support has enabled us to take our next step as a growing organization—we’ve hired our first executive director, Alexis Bhagat. Lex comes to us from the Grand Street Community Arts. He’s excited about continuing to grow the Foundation. Show us that you are excited for Lex and for the APL Foundation by supporting the Foundation’s 2016-17 Annual Appeal!

With your help and Lex’s leadership, the Foundation can grow and underwrite new library programming. Working hand in hand with the library’s director, Scott Jarzombek, the Foundation is ready to expand its reach and bring the library to as many as possible in Albany.

Our library’s talented staff have countless original and creative ideas for new programs and services. Your support of the Foundation’s annual appeal will help us all benefit from results of this innovative thinking. Imagine increasing everyone’s access to credible information and enhanced learning. Imagine creating a community where learning is life long. Imagine what you can do by supporting the Foundation’s 2016-17 annual appeal!

Donate Now

What we can do is only limited by the funds we raise. Be a part of growing the Foundation and welcome our new executive director. Renew your commitment to the Foundation today.

Thank you for all you’ve done and will continue to do to support the Albany Public Library Foundation.



Holly McKenna