Angriest Librarian blasts journalist’s suggestion to close all libraries

From Salon: (warning: salty language in link)

If you’re going to suggest something as asinine as defunding public libraries, you better hope the Angriest Librarian doesn’t find out about it.

The online argument started when New York Observer columnist Andre Walker suggested on Twitter that public libraries should be closed and their books donated to schools, because “nobody goes to” them anymore…

A Pew Research study last year discovered that 76 percent of Americans believe that libraries serve the needs of their communities well. Although there has been a decline in local library and bookmobile use (from 53 percent to 44 percent by 2016), it isn’t because people don’t need libraries but rather because libraries’ budgets have been cut.

In other words, Walker’s solution to the so-called “problem” of people not going to libraries is actually the cause. People appreciate and want to go to libraries but are less able to do so when funding is cut.