The Person Behind the Program

The Person Behind the Program explores current programs supported by the APLF Annual Appeal and introduces you to the Librarians creating them.

The Albany Public Library runs thousands of programs each year for all ages and interests; so what is different about the programs supported by the APL Foundation? The simple answer is innovation. Our library prides itself on bringing new and exciting programs to the people of Albany. The APL Foundation has helped the Library to test out new programs, such as the Library Links book delivery service and Youth FX@APL. 

In past years, the annual appeal provided a lump sum to the Library. This year, APL and the APL Library Foundation have sharpened the focus of the Annual Appeal by distributing funds directly to programs proposed by library staff through an Internal Grant Program.

Our Internal Grant Program

The Annual Appeal Internal Grant Program gives local library staff a chance to present programs which would otherwise be out of reach in their department’s budget. It can also help the library purchase books related to a program, or build a special collection of books that a librarian may sense a need for. Any staff member can apply for a grant to make their project a reality.

In this first year, the Foundation is supporting an incredibly varied and eclectic range of new programs, ranging from ceramics to the impact of news and media on young people.

‘The Person Behind the Program’ Blog Series

We would like to tell you more about these wonderful program supported by your Annual Appeal gifts, and so are introducing this blog series.

From now until Thanksgiving, APL Foundation will publish interviews with librarians who presented their own program thanks to the Annual Appeal. The blogs will give insight into how the program came to be, the impact they hope to have, and of course more information about the librarian!