The Lyn Lifshin Bibliography Project

The APL Foundation is currently working on an annotated bibliography of Lyn Lifshin’s works that will be presented at the Literary Legends gala on October 19th.

For those who are familiar with her work, an annotated bibliography might sound like a daunting–perhaps endless–task. Lyn Lifshin’s vast body of work is beyond prolific. She has published over 130 books as well as individual poems published in thousands of journals and websites. Record of Lyn Lifshin’s work can be found on her wikipedia page, her website, and other websites, such as; however, these are all only partial lists. 

The scope of Lyn Lifshin’s work is staggering. The Lyn Lifshin Bibliography project is our way of honoring her career and poetic legacy. It is a tribute to a poet who has blazed her own trail in English language poetry. We hope that this Bibliography will create  a comprehensive resource for Lyn Lifshin, her fans and students, and scholars interested in her work.


We started the bibliography by dividing it into sections, with each section representing a decade. Under each decade, proceeding in chronological order, are the books and publications. Each entry starts with the name of the publisher and is then followed by the title of the book or poem, an online link if available, the year it was published, and a citation. So far, we have over 500 entries compiled and are adding more as we discover new poems or works we might have missed. Editors and publishers of Lifshin’s work have reached out and offered their help by sending us citations of her work.

It is our goal to produce a complete and working annotated bibliography in time for the Literary Legends Gala. A physical copy will hopefully be available for public perusal at the Literary Legends gala on October 19th.