Literary Legends 2017

Born in Cohoes, NY in 1932 to a Greek immigrant family, Athena V. Lord moved to Albany, just around the corner from the old Harmanus Bleecker Library, at age six. A voracious reader as a child, the Library became a second home. And so it gives us a special pleasure to name her as our 2017 Literary Legend.  [More info]

Athena V. Lord is the author of five books:

Pilot for Spaceship Earth: R. Buckminster Fuller, Architect, Inventor, and Poet (1978)
A Spirit to Ride the Whirlwind (1981)
Today’s Special: Z.A.P. and Zoe
The Luck of Z.A.P. and Zoe (1987)
Z.A.P., Zoe, and the Musketeers (1992).

The 2017 Literary Legends Gala took place at the Bach Branch on October 21st, 2017. [Photos]



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