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Many Thanks to All of Our Donors!

The Albany Public Library Foundation depends upon donations from friends and patrons of the Library to accomplish our mission. Thank you to our supporters!

2017 Annual Appeal Supporters

Reszin Adams
Brad and Paige Allen
Janet Axelrod
Joseph and Kathryn Bamberger
James Barnes
Joe and Evalyn Basloe
Andy and Maria Bechard
Marie and Daniel Bernadett
Elphaba Fund of the Boston Foundation
Lisa Brainard
Dorice Brickman
Michael Brown
Thomas and Marilyn Burke
Margaret Byrne
Judy Byrne
Ian Campbell
Olena Care
Michael Cashin
Carolyn Casner
Catherine Cavanaugh
Kathleen Chant
Paul and Trisha Churchill
Rae Clark
Elaine Clawson
William Cliff
Arvilla Cline
James Collins
Jennifer Colman
Richard S. Conti
William Copeland
Wendy Corcione
Kirkham Cornwell, Jr.
Peter Costello
Terry Cunningham
Margaret Czerwinski
Eleanor Davis
Linda Delfs
Justin DiVirgilio
Joan Dober
Robert Drew
Sui Duan
Julie Elson
Anne Erling
Jon Ernst
Joyce Flanagan
Janice Fontanella
Francine Frank
Bob and Marilyn Fullem
Marty Gawoski
Raffaele Giovannone
Marie Gladstone
Maxine Goldberg
Worth Gretter
Sigrid Hammond
Geraldine and Paul Hayford
Alice and Clark Henry
Barney and Lyn Horowitz
Cheryl Hurd
Beatrice Iceman
Thelma Ikler
Scott Jarzombek
Harry and Cheryl Judge
Stephen Justa
Ida Kay
Dan and Joyce Keenan
Jacinta Kennedy
William and Dana Kennedy
David Kibbe
Andrea Kirshman
James B. Kramer
Kenneth Kroopnick
Kevin and Laura Kuhne
Erik Kulleseid
Marsha Lazarus
Charles Liddle
Susan and Paul Lipman
Ira & Sheila Lobel
James MacVean
Dean Mauro
Julie Maynes
Betsy McCormack
Mary McGrath
Margaret McGreevy
Holly and Chris McKenna
Maureen McKeown
Louise and Kathleen Mcneilly
Tom McPheeters
Jacqueline Merrick
Holly Montgomery
Shawn Morris
Mary Muraski
Paul and Suzanne Murray
Kathleen Naughter
Richard and Margaret Nells
Carol Nersinger
William Nichelson
Amy and Dan O’Connell
Timothy O’Brien
Nancy Ost
June Overdorf
Joan Paley
Joe & Lesley Paparone
Mrs. Perry Perry
John and Beverly Petiet
Noreen Prenty
Mary Ann Randall
Alicia Recore
Mary Redmont
Faith Reed
Peter Repas
Priscilla and Michael Richards
Elizabeth Richards Hart
Marianne Rings
George Robinson
Paul Rosenstrauch
Joann Ryan
Robert Sanders
John Schumacher
Ellen Schusterson
Ellen and Erie Schwartz
Michael and Louise Scott
Mary Ellen Sherwin
Jonathan Skinner
Tim Smith
Peter Sokaris
Rosalie and Roger Sokol
Les Soper
David Sperry
Lawrence Spinosa
Nancy Stock
Katherine Storms
Jeannie Straussman
Karen and Todd Strong
Kathryn Sullivan
Thomas Sullivan
Theresa and Carl Swidorski
Oscar Sylvan
Enid Tanenhaus
Mark Tarr
Cecilia Testo
Francis and Elizabeth Therrien
Mary Timpson
Beverly Tobin
Linda Tremante
Gail and Robert Van Kuren
Edward Watkins
Nicholas Webster
Dionne Wheatley
Edson Wheeler
Michael and Margorie Whiteman
Daniel Wilcox
Laura Wilder
John and Karen Wolner

2017 Annual Appeal Matching Gift Supporters

Progressive Insurance Foundation

2017 Literary Legends Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

A very special Thank You to our premier Literary Legends sponsor, Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna
and to our new 2017 sponsors, Envision Architects, Shenker, Russo & Clark, and St. Peter’s Health Partners.
Thank you for joining with our continuing Literary Legends sponsors:

Junior Gala Sponsors:

This year, since we honored a children’s writer, we skipped our annual “Albany Reads” program and instead held a Junior Gala, a semi-formal dance party for families. Thank you to the sponsors underwriting that event:

  • The Bamberger Family
  • William Callen
  • Alison Calacone
  • Judy Doesschate and Tom Keefe
  • Elks Lodge #49
  • Chris Higgins for Common Council President
  • Scott & Lindsey Jarzombek
  • Dan O’Connell
  • Lesley Paparone
  • The Pitera Family
  • Robert Schofield

Food Sponsors:

Literary Legends is not a sit-down dinner gala. It’s a party in the Library. But thanks to local restaurants, we always have a cornucopia of delicious and amazing hors d’oeuvres! Thanks to this year’s terrific food sponsors for our October Gala and for our August Junior Gala!

A very special Thank You to Chef Lisa Valentine and the Culinary Arts Program of Albany High School’s Abrookin Career and Technical Center! We couldn’t put on Literary Legends without you!

And our Junior Gala Food Sponsors

Media Sponsors: