Literary Legends, APL Foundation’s signature event, takes place the 3rd Saturday of October. Each year, the Foundation selects a new outstanding person of letters in our community, and invites the community to celebrate them with a cocktail reception in their honor.

Albany Readsa city-wide book party that supports the Library, takes place in April or May. Albany residents and friends are encouraged to read a book selected by the Foundation, and then discuss them together at a cocktail party or dinner party in one of many individual homes throughout the city. Book party hosts invite friends, neighbors and guests to come over, and donations benefit the Albany Public Library Foundation.

The APL Foundation also organizes small gatherings and special events, which you may find listed on our Google Calendar (below) or on our Facebook page.

Save the Date:
Literary Legends Gala: October 21, 2017 [FB]
Literary Legends Junior Gala: August 27, 2017